Saturday, May 7, 2011

But I'm Still in love with Judas, Baby

From the first time I watched the video I knew it was terrible.

That was last night.

I've watched it about 120983649871 times since then.

Maybe it's because I really am in love with Judas. I've always been in love with Judas.

Judas is my Spike.

He's my Faith.

He's everyone I've never wanted to date and a few that I have*.

I could say that Judas is mizzundastood, yo, but I don't know him. Why is he so interesting? There shouldn't be anything interesting about the bad boy/boi anymore.

Even in the video, he's a misogynistic, drunken, completely clueless asshole. He poured beer on Gaga's ass in the ritual bath, for shit's sake. Who DOES that?

A tool.

Of the Patriarchy**.

I don't even know if I can go into why he's still so appealing without writing some annoying, overdone ode to the bad boy that you've all heard and don't particularly want to hear again.

Is it internalized oppression? Why am I attracted to dangerous, unhealthy masculinities? Should it make me feel any better that Jesus is also way hot in this video?

**Crickets Chirping**

Right. Well. Unsolved mysteries and all that.

This blog is about celebrating the fabulous and queer, sometimes with a side of glitter. You see, when I saw that video...and then I saw it again, and again, etc...I just...

Fuck it.

I knew I needed something to do. I needed an outlet to discuss the intersections of queer and mainstream culture. Appropriation. Femme visibility. Bi visibility. Politics.


Hey, did you see the part where Gaga draws a cross on the corner of his mouth with a lipstick gun?

*most of which, apparently, exist in the Buffyverse.
** stolen from Vag Magazine, the parody-feminist web series.


  1. What Gaga doesn't seem to realize is that the only shocking thing she can do at this point is to NOT be shocking. I think she needs to go in the opposite direction of the one she's going in now - not a more generic route, but a more minimal, toned-down route.

  2. I agree. She should go Bergman or something.