Saturday, May 14, 2011


It was my dad's birthday. We had already watched three consecutive episodes of Buffy--fifth season conclusion, not exactly bunnies and butterflies*.  I had then, for some reason, decided that we should follow this Buffybinge by seeing Thor. In 3D.

I don't know how many movies you've seen in 3D, but it's a bit like being horribly, horribly drunk. Everything's distorted and flying into your face and you're sinking, confused, into your seat and laughing like it's keeping you alive. And then there's Frost Giants everywhere and--

Actually, that last bit's just Thor. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Frost Giants were the reason I feel so dazed while watching other movies in 3D. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING, FROST GIANTS???


So, my dad and I went to see Thor and the first thing I noticed was this:

Not too shabby.

Even though Thor is kind of a douchebag for the first half of the movie, I certainly wouldn't say no.

And then I saw this.

Ohai, Loki.

Broody? Check.
Smart? Check.
Lithe? Check.


He's the fucking GOD of mischief.


I grew up reading about Loki the Trickster. How he nearly ended the world 2987163987 times. How, when he tricked someone into killing someone else, he was tied to a rock deep underground and left for eternity, a serpent dripping acid onto his face.

Talk about angst.

In Thor, which is based on the Marvel comic books of the same name, Loki and Thor are brothers, sons of Odin. I don't remember this from the mythology, so I'm going to be lazy and assume that's it's specific to the comics. In the movie, Loki appears at first rational, sensible, and highly intelligent, especially when compared to his loud and boastful older brother. Later--SLIGHT SPOILERS--Loki becomes sort of insane (I'm not revealing why, because you should see the movie) and more angsty.

And evil.

Hooo boy.

It doesn't hurt that actor Tom Hiddleston is an absolute beauty in realsies.

Judas, you've got competition.

* Actually, there were bunnies. Which were interpreted by some *coughcoughANYAcough* to be a portend for the end of the world.

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