Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wimminz Issues

I wanted to write about something substantial today, but my brain had other ideas.

My brain still wants to talk about Thor. 

I'm not going to pretend that it was the best movie of ever, or anything like that. Watching it in 3D gave me a bit of a headache, and the glasses--being on top of my own and all--gave the characters dim little double shadows. Plus, everything was really dark. Not metaphorically. It was dark because we were all wearing tinted glasses.

So, I'm not going to talk about Loki this time--there may or may not be a picture of him on my my desktop right now--because there are other feministy things that need to be discussed.

Like wimminz.

There were four wimminz in this movie. And though none of them were REALLY fleshed out, they were endowed with feminist magic dust.

See Jane.

Jane is an astrophysicist. And she's dressed like a normal person.

She even has a cute animal tee on under her normal person sweater.

She does cool sciency things, and when Thor tells her to run away, she doesn't. And she helps with logics and stuff.

She doesn't need to be rescued, and neither does her wisecracking assistant, Darcy.

Wearing normal attire, as well. And nerd glasses. And looking like me.

The thing is, women aren't particularly sexualized in this movie.

Need I remind you who is?

You're welcome.

And, the thing is, Thor's hotness is remarked upon. By the wimminz.

When Jane hits him with her car at the beginning, Darcy takes one look at him and says, "Does he need CPR? Because I totally know CPR."

I would say that this is an incredibly female-friendly film, especially considering that Thor gets punished and redeemed of his fratboy ways.

Then there's warrior goddess Sif.

Who looks like this in the comics.

I mean, come on. You can't fight like that.

Sif is awesome because when Thor's rallying everyone to go on a mission, he says, "Who convinced everyone that a woman would be the best warrior in the realm?" and she says, "I did!"

I liked that part.

Then, there's Thor's mother, Frigga.

She's awesome because she kills things when she has to.

So, see Thor. You won't be Thorry.


I'm really sorry about that.

Oh, and

I couldn't help it. If you click on it, you can zoom in and see his cute little twisty mouth, all plotty and devious. Awww!

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